Client Billable Report


The Client Billable Report displays all expenses marked as "billable" by employees. This report can be used to track these expenses in order to bill out to vendors and clients. 

You'll find this report in the Integration and Data Feeds section of your Analytics tab. 

Step 1: Scroll to the report in the Analytics tab.


Step 2: Use the applicable search parameters, and click Submit


This report will show all expense details marked as billable, in addition to: 

  • Processed Date
  • Submitted Amount and Currency
  • Reimbursed Amount and Currency
  • Receipt Report Links
  • Show Images link for individual receipts




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    I find that the receipts do not print, nor are part of the PDF report. It would be helpful to be able to print or PDF all the attached receipts without doing this one by one. Doing one by one is not a solution when one has 10+ receipts.

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    Also, why do some receipts appear in a box that is printable and others do not at all. Why treat receipts differently?

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    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hello Chantal,
    We will reach out via email to provide more information.
    -Certify Support.