Release Notes: February 17, 2017


Enhanced Approver View

When approvers are working in expense and invoice reports, it is important to highlight the current expense line being reviewed. This is particularly helpful in large reports, or when an approver is returning to work in progress. 

For all approvers, once the Approve button is selected at the expense line level, the next expense line down is now clearly highlighted.

In the example below, the Postage expense line was just approved. The next line for Office Equipment is now highlighted. 

Receipt Action Button

When an expense without a receipt is edited, the Receipt action button is now labeled Select rather than Change:

When an expense with a receipt is edited, this button is labeled Change:

Default Tax Values

The Account Setup Wizard previously presented default percentage values for each of the tax fields. Each tax type needed to be checked to then enable them.

Going forward, these values have been changed to zero as a default to prevent confusion. 

Belarusian Ruble Addition

The New Belarusian Ruble (BYN) has been added to the list of currencies that Certify offers.


It is available both as a default currency and also in the currency drop-down when entering an expense. 

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