Entering Multiple Dialects for Other Languages


Certify provides a feature for companies to have multiple dialects of French, Spanish and Portuguese for their employees to choose from. For example, there are many variations between French spoken in France, and French spoken in parts of Canada. 

This article shows you, a designated Certify Translator, how to access your Translator Tools to enter and manage multiple dialects for French, Spanish, and Portuguese

Step 1: On your homepage, under Translator Tools, select View and Edit Translations.


Step 2: The following language names, as seen in View and Edit Translations, offer two additional dialect variances for you to manage for all three languages.

  • French 2
  • French 3
  • Portuguese 2
  • Portuguese 3
  • Spanish 2
  • Spanish 3

On the View and Edit Translations page, under Search for Phrases, choose the Language Variance you would like to edit from the dropdown menu. To update the language names, please contact your Certify Account Manager.


Step 3: Type in the specific word or phrase to find and click Submit. Or, leave the fields blank and click Submit for a full list of editable phrases.


Step 4: In the Custom Translation field, enter a word or a phrase to override the machine-generated entry. Click Save.

Fields on the View and Edit Translations page include:

  • US English Phrase – The word or phrase as it currently appears in Certify
  • Translated Phrase – The word or phrase generated by Google Translate
  • Custom Translation – The word or phrase you would prefer to use


Step 5: The translation now appears on all user accounts set to the translated language in both Certify and Certify Mobile.

Example before:
Example after:
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