Submitting an Expense Report


After creating and editing a new expense report, it will need to be submitted for approval. This article shows you how to submit an expense report for approval. 

Step 1: Start with your expense report open, or, select Drafts on your account home page.


Step 2: Select the Name of the expense report you want to open.


Step 3: After your final review and edits, click Submit for Approval in the upper right-hand corner.


Step 4: Click Yes in the next window. 


Step 5: Dependent on your company's workflow configuration, you will do one of the following:

  • Step 5a: View the approver that has been pre-assigned, and who will receive your expense report next; or


  • Step 5b: Enter the approver by clicking in the search box. Click Next


Step 6: Enter any extra comments, and click Submit


After submitting your expense report, you have the option to rate and comment on your vendors using SpendSmart


You will find expense report workflow updates within the Pending Approval section of your My Reports box. submit8.png

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  • Avatar
    Ian Newman

    not allowing me to submit. I get the following message

    Some expenses need attention. Use the Cleanup Wizard or edit and save the expenses that need attention.

  • Avatar
    Joel Hatfield

    Hello Ian, thank you for reaching out to Certify Support. You will need to click on the Cleanup Wizard at the top of the screen when you are in your report. I will follow up via email for more specific instructions.