QuickBooks Desktop Preferences Overview


If you use the desktop version of QuickBooks, Certify provides a list of four Preferences you can set for certain QuickBooks processes.

This article shows you, as a Certify Accountant, how to locate the Preferences for QuickBooks.

Step 1: To locate the QuickBooks Preferences from your Certify account homepage, select QuickBooks Sync.

Quickbooks - Certify - QuickBooks Sync

Step 2: The QuickBooks Sync Requests page opens. Preferences are located just below the QuickBooks Sync Tool hyperlink.

Quickbooks - Certify - Elements

To use the Preferences located in Certify, select the Certify QuickBooks Sync Tool hyperlink and install the latest version of Certify QuickBooks Sync tool to your desktop.

       Quickbooks - QuickBooks Sync Tool - In Certify

The Certify QuickBooks Sync tool is a program that resides on your PC’s desktop, and is used each time you need to refresh the data information between Certify and QuickBooks.

       Quickbooks - QuickBooks Sync - On Computer

 There are four total Preferences for QuickBooks desktop available for use within Certify:

  • Default QuickBooks Vendor
  • Roll Up Non-Reim. Split Expenses
  • Add Expense Report GLDs to Memo Lines
  • Add Expense Free-Text GLDs to Memo Lines

Quickbooks - Certify - Elements

The Preferences that display depend on the General Ledger Dimensions (GLDs) used in your expense processing.

For example, if your company uses Expense Report General Ledger Dimensions and/or Expense Free-Text General Ledger Dimensions, the Preferences section on the QuickBooks Sync Requests page displays those options.

Quickbooks - Certify - Elements - Checkmarked

All Preferences:

Quickbooks - Certify - Elements2

If your company does not use Expense Report General Ledger Dimensions and/or Expense Free-Text General Ledger Dimensions, the Preferences section on the QuickBooks Sync Requests page does not display those options.

Quickbooks - Certify - Elements

Preferences displaying without GLDs:

Quickbooks - Preferences - No GLDs

For more information about how to set your specific preferences, please contact your Account Manager or Certify Support.

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