Expense Report Approvals


The Expense Report Approvals report outlines the workflow path that each expense report routed through. This can be helpful for employees to view the workflow path that their reports go through, and also helpful to identify workflow delays.

You'll find this report in the Financial Oversight and Auditing section of your Analytics tab. 

Step 1: Scroll to the report in the Analytics tab:

Step 2: Use the available search parameters, and click Submit

This report will show:

  • View link to view an expense report individually
  • Submitted and Processed Date
  • Approval Code
  • Employee Name
  • Report Name and Date Range
  • Approver Details
  • Approver Action and Date
  • Amount

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  • Avatar
    Leah Casey

    Are employees able to look up other employees in this report? Or are they only able to look up their own reports?

  • Avatar
    Candice Camfferman

    Hello Leah,

    Employees are only able to view reports he or she submitted. I will follow up via email with more information.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Kara Lefevers

    How can my employee submit an expense report to another manager for mileage?

  • Avatar
    Laura Ramage

    Hello Kara,

    Options for this will be specific to your company, so I will reach out via email to continue the conversation.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Beth Southerland

    What do the different Approval codes mean?  Is it the order it was approved?

    Edited by Beth Southerland
  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hi Beth,
    The Approval Code serves as an identifier for processed expense reports. Some of our Analytical reports include this in the parameters as a way to search for specific reports. It is simply assigned to reports in the order in which they are processed.
    -Certify Support