Modifying Individual Translations using Translator Tools


Certify provides a translation feature, powered by Google Translate, that translates all text in your Certify account and the Certify Mobile app to your desired language. As a designated Certify Translator, you can create custom translations for specific phrases and words within Certify, visible to all employees working within that language.

This article shows you, as a designated Certify Translator, how to locate and use the Search for Phrases tool to translate specific words and phrases in your company's Certify account. 

Please Note: Changes you make apply to all users in your company using the specific language. 

Step 1: On your homepage, under Translator Tools, select View and Edit Translations.


Step 2: On the View and Edit Translations page, under Search for Phrases, choose the Language you would like to edit from the dropdown menu.


Step 3: Type in the specific word or phrase to find and click Submit. Or, leave the fields blank and click Submit for a full list of editable phrases.


Step 4: In the Custom Translation field, enter a word or a phrase to override the machine-generated entry. Click Save.


Fields on the View and Edit Translations page include:

  • US English Phrase – The word or phrase as it currently appears in Certify
  • Translated Phrase – The word or phrase generated by Google Translate
  • Custom Translation – The word or phrase you would prefer to use

Step 5: The translation now appears on all user accounts set to the translated language in both Certify and Certify Mobile.

Example Translation in Certify

Custom field is set in Translator Tools:


Before the translation on the Certify homepage:


After the translation on the Certify homepage:


Example Translation in Certify Mobile

Custom field is set in Translator Tools:


Before the translation on the Certify Mobile homescreen:


After the translation on the Certify Mobile homescreen:


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