Merge Duplicate Credit Card Expense Lines in a Draft Report


Certify offers the option to Merge duplicate expense lines in a Draft expense report that have not already been linked together. This article will show you how to Merge an expense in a Draft when one expense line is for the receipt, and the other expense line is the actual credit card transaction. 

Step 1: On your account homepage, under My Expense Reports, click Drafts


Step 2: Select the expense report you would like to open by clicking the expense report Name.


Step 3: Any expense lines with the same Expense Date and Expense Amount will be flagged as a potential duplicate expense. Open the Details column for more information.


Step 4: Click Merge Expense to combine both expenses in a single expense line. You can click the Merge Expense button from either expense line.

Once complete, one line will remain, combining the receipt and expense data for a single expense.

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