Recovering Credit Card Expenses


If you use a Small Business Credit Card or a Personal Card with your Certify account, the Finicity Support Tool offers a quick and easy way for you to recover credit card expenses not imported to your Certify Wallet.

This article shows you how to import missing credit card transactions to your Certify Wallet using the Finicity Support Tool.

Step 1: On your Certify account homepage, open your Certify Wallet by clicking More Items.


Step 2: On your Certify Wallet page, click Get Card Transactions.


Step 3: If you have only one card linked within Certify, the Import Personal Card Transactions page opens with a list of transactions (proceed to Step 4).

If you have multiple credit cards linked within Certify, you are first prompted to select which account to use. Mark the radio button next to the card from which to import transactions, and then click Select


Step 4: Mark the checkbox next to each Missing transaction to import to your Certify Wallet. Click Import Missing Transactions.

Please Note: If you receive an error message rather than a list of transactions, you need to re-link your credit card.

The Status column indicates:

  • ER – The transaction is in an existing Expense Report.
  • Missing – The credit card transaction has not been imported to Certify.
  • Missing [ ! ]  – The credit card transaction was previously imported to your My Certify Wallet, but was deleted. You can re-import this transaction if it is needed. 
  • Wallet – The credit card transaction is in your Certify Wallet.


The transaction(s) are then added to the Expenses section of your My Certify Wallet

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  • Avatar
    Fred Ange

    Courtney, the option to get card transactions shown in step 2 is not available when I go to my Certify Wallet. Is this something that has to be enabled by the administrator? If so, how?

  • Avatar
    Allison Dickey

    Hi Fred,

    We have reached out to you via email.

    Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Johan Williams

    I may going down the wrong path here but, we have been having issues with users loosing the sync with their credit card feeds, this is happening on a weekly basis. We understand that this may not be directly a Certify issue, but maybe caused by a third party, Certify should look into a way of fixing this, going to our company's CFO and other users up twice a week to ask them to remove and re-add their card is not exactly what we had in mind when singing up for this service. It is becoming a bit tire some. One of the reason we switched from out prior provider was because of the inability of this automated transaction retrieval. Please fix this.

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Glenn

    Hi Johan,

    Thank you for the feedback and apologies for the inconvenience. Our Development Team is aware of the issue some users have brought to our attention and is working with our third party credit card integrator ensure that the feed is constantly accurate and reliable.

    -Certify Support