Using Merge Items in the Certify Wallet


Merge Items gives you the choice to view Receipts and Expenses combined in your My Certify Wallet.

This is helpful if you have imported credit card expenses enabled for your account. Using Merge Items, you can add a merged receipt and expense line to a draft expense report without having to manually combine them.

This article shows you how to use the Merge Items feature in your My Certify Wallet.

Step 1: On your account homepage, under My Certify Wallet, select More Items.


Step 2: In your My Certify Wallet, locate Merge Items in the upper right-hand corner. When Merge Items is OFF, the Merge Items feature is gray, and Receipt images are separated from Expenses and display in different sections.

When reviewing receipts, you may find it easier to keep Merge Items OFF. Receipts and imported credit card expenses then appear separately in your My Certify Wallet, instead of combined.


Step 3: To turn Merge Items ON, place your cursor to the right of the Merge Items gray circle and click.



The Merge Items feature turns blue, and Receipts and Expenses are listed together.


With Merge Items ON, when an imported credit card expense in your My Certify Wallet matches a receipt in your My Certify Wallet, they are visually combined onto one line.


With Merge Items ON, you can easily add the merged receipt and expense line to a draft expense report by marking the checkbox and clicking Add to Report. Both the receipt and the expense line are added to the expense report as a single line item, without having to manually combine them.


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    Daniel Evans

    I would like to add receipt to the auto loaded credit card transaction. This would relieve some typing. But if I have to pull up the image and type in the vendor and date and amount assuming it is typed exactly as the credit card shows to get the Merge to work, then there really is not reason for the auto load. It doesn't do anything but clutter the interface.

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    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hello Daniel,
    Thank you for your feedback.

    If needed, you can manually edit a receipt in your Wallet so its date and dollar amount match a credit card expense. With Merge Items turned on, this will help the two items will merge together.

    Either way, whether Autofill or ReceiptParse codes your receipts for you, or whether you code your receipts manually, the information on your receipts much match the information on your expenses for the items to be able to merge.

    We'll reach out directly to see if you have any other questions!

  • Avatar
    Irene Vojta

    Hello. I have tried that and mine still won't switch over. It just remains grey.

  • Avatar
    Kimberly Glenn

    Hello Irene,

    The Merge feature cannot be enabled when there are more than 150 items in the Wallet. I will reach out via email with more information.

    -Certify Support

    Edited by Kimberly Glenn
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    I agree, I email the receipts in and they typically don't automatically merge although the feature is turned on. very manual process

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian


    They receipt and expense will merge if they both have the same date and amount. I'll follow up with you through email to make sure I answer any other questions you might have.

    Your Certify Support Team

  • Avatar

    When the merge receipt feature is on, do we need to make sure that the name of the receipt is the same as the charge item. One receipt uploaded as a generic named receipt and it did not merge. I had to manually merge it. 

    Edited by Michellep
  • Avatar
    Mychal Ferrante

    Hello Michelle,

    The receipt and imported credit card transaction will merge together in your wallet as long as the date and the amount are the same. I will follow up with you via email with any additional questions you may have,

    -Certify Support