Deleting Receipts Using Certify Mobile


If you find you need to delete a receipt from your My Certify Wallet, you can easily delete it using the Certify Mobile app.

This article shows you how to remove a receipt from your My Certify Wallet using Certify Mobile

Step 1: From your homescreen, tap Receipts in Certify.


Step 2: A list of the receipts stored in your My Certify Wallet displays. Tap the receipt you want to remove.


Step 3: On the next screen, the receipt detail displays. Scroll towards the bottom and tap Delete.


Step 4: A warning message displays asking you to confirm that you want to delete the receipt. Tap Yes to delete the receipt from your My Certify Wallet.

Please Note: Once a receipt has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.


Step 5: The receipt is deleted from your My Certify Wallet.

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    need to remove a receipt from a report not from my wallet it has been saved to the wrong line item.

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    Kimberly Glenn

    Hi Nancy,

    To remove a receipt that is attached to an incorrect expense line, go to the expense line in question on the report > click the pencil icon > scroll down to the bottom to Edit Expense > click the Change button next to Receipt > and click 'No Receipt' in the Certify Wallet to the right and then click Save. This will remove the receipt and place it back in your Wallet.

    -Certify Support

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    When I tap on the receipt, it just spins and spins. I don't get the screen you mentioned in the help article

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    Allison Dickey


    I'm sorry that you're experiencing an issue with Certify Mobile. In the app, could you please go to "Tools & Support" and select "Report a Problem" so that we can take a look into this further for you.

    -Certify Support