Release Notes: December 16, 2016


Certify has released two enhancements to the Invoice module. 

1. There are times when a company negotiates a specific number of payment days with a vendor. A new field has been added to the Certify Invoice Vendor record to maintain this value. 

When ReceiptParse applies this vendor record to an Invoice, the Negotiated Payment Day is added to the invoice date, and displayed in the Due Date field of the Invoice Report.

In this example, 10 days has automatically been added and parsed to the Invoice Date in accordance to 10 Negotiated Payment Days in this vendor's record.


2. In addition, for users who have permission to approve/process both expense and invoice reports, the Employee column in the approval queue has been renamed Employee/Vendor. 

These Approvers and Accountants will now see the Vendor for the invoice more easily. 

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