Amazon Business Punchout Integration


Certify AP offers easy integration with Amazon Business Punchout integration. This feature allows Certify AP users to connect and build a requisition cart in Amazon Business, then return it to CertifyAP for approval.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Requisition Submitter, how to configure Amazon Business Punchout with Certify AP.

Please Note: Users must have an existing Amazon Business Account in order to configure the Amazon Punchout integration. 

Configuring Amazon Business Punchout

Step 1: Log in to an Amazon Business Account and click Account for [company].


Step 2: Click Business Settings.


Step 3: Scroll down to the System Integrations section, and click Configure Purchasing System.


Step 4: In the search field, select Certify-ExpenseWatch, and click Continue or Save.


Step 5: The punchout system login (FromIdentity), Password (SharedSecret), Punchout URL and Purchase Order URL will be generated.


Step 6: To activate, click on the Switch to Active Mode button.


Connecting Amazon Business Punchout in Certify AP

Step 1: Log in as the Requisition Submitter.

Step 2: Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select New Requisition.


Step 3: From here, create a new requisition under Create Requisition, or work on a previously saved requisition under Your Requisitions in Progress.


Step 3: When creating a new requisition, fill out the Department, the Project, the Requisition Title, and the Requisition Date. The date can be a current, a past date, or a future date.


Step 4: Click Create when finished.


Step 5: Click on the Amazon Business logo under the Online Vendors section.


Step 6: Scroll down the page and enter the credentials and URLs from your Amazon Business punchout setting.


Step 7: Click Add Amazon as an Online Vendor..


Step 8: Amazon Business appears under the Active Online Vendors section.


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